Sumida is a leading manufacturer of inductors, transformers, chip coils, aircoils,  piezoelectric components, flexible flat cables (FFC) and flexible board connectors (FBC).

IXYS manufactures rectifier diodes, fast diodes (FRED), diode bridges, MOSFETs, depletion mode MOSFET's and IGBT's. Most components are offered in everything from small surface mount packages to complete modules for higher power.

The IXYS IC division manufactures solid state relays, gate drivers, analogue switches and LED-drivers.

IXYS Westcode manufacturs diodes, thyristors and IGBT's for high power and high voltages for instance as press pack components.

IXYS Colorado develops and manufactures RF MOSFETs, gate drivers, SIC diodes, puls generators and laser drivers.

Gaia Converter is a French manufacturer of DC-DC modules, filter modules, hold up modules, transient protections and AC-DC modules. Gaia is specialised in high efficiency DC-DC modules with wide input voltage ranges.

Exxelia is a French company group with many well known brands of ceramic capacitors (Eurofarad), film capacitors, Mica                  capacitors, tantalum capacitors (Firadec), aluminum electrolytic capacitors (SIC Safco) and RF capacitors (Temex). 

Arch Electronics manufactures board mount DC-DC-modules, non-isolated Point-Of-Load DC-DC,  AC-DC modules and complete power supplies up to 500W. AC-DC modules up to 60 W are offered for medical applications.

Charter Engineering, Inc manufactures  RF- and microwave switches with coaxial relays. Charter is specialised on switches with ultra low intermodulation (for example PIM -160 dBc min.) and high power switches (for example 2kW at 500 MHz).

Comus International is a leading manufacturer of tilt and tip-over switches, motion/vibration sensors, reed switches, reed relays, solid state relays, proximity sensors, float switches and a wide variety of custom turnkey sensors.

Coto Technology manufacturs reed relays for use within test-, automation-, survelience and automotive.

Datel manufactures A/D-converts, D/A-converters and sample-hold modules.

GCI is specialised in customized buzzers, with internal  or external oscillators

Good-Sky manufactures electromechanical relays for applications such as telecom, automotive, white goods and lamps.

Hitpoint is a manufacturer of Piezo Electric Buzzers, Piezo Sounders, Piezo Sirens, Magnetic Transducers, Horn Speakers, Horn Sirens, Piezo Elements

ICEL has film capacitors in Polyester, Polypropylene for demanding applications like snubber and DC link applications. They also have motor capacitors and RC filters on the assortment.

Indukey manufactures a wide portfolio of  membraneswitch keyboard, stainless steel keyboards and silicon keyboards with or without integrated pointing devices. The portfolio includes IP68 washable keyboard and anti bactrial keyboards.

Kendeil has electrolytic capacitors for PCB mounting, screw mounting and even engine start capacitors up to 800uf. Circular wound film capacitors for DC link applications up to 1000uf and modular electrolytic capacitors for hybrid vehicles.

Linear Integrated Systems manufactures JFET transitors that Toshiba has obsoleted and low leakage diodes previously offered by Siliconix-Vishay.

Mtron PTI manufactures crystal based oscillators , temperature compensated oscillators (TCXO), voltage controlled oscillators (VCXO) and owen oscillators (OCXO). The portfolio also includes filters (low pass, high pass, band pass) and complete RF power amplifiers.

Ningbo Zhengmao is a Chinese manufacturer of Gas Discharge Tubes.

PIC supplies surface mount or through hole reed switches, level sensors and Hall effect sensors.

Printec-DS, former Dekorsy, manufactures a wide range of keyboards both stand alone products and panel mount.

Protek manufactures TVS diodes and complete transient protection modules. The TVS diodes are adapted to different interfaces such as LVDS, RS-422, USB-3.0 and Gigabit Ethernet.

Sirio manufacturs isolated transformers in northern Italy, or with more manual labour in the factory in India. Focus is pulsetransformers, SMPS transformers and current transformers. From an automated production line Sirio is offering inductors and transformers in the power range 1 kW to 20kW, for switching frequencies from 20kHz to 120 kHz.

Sonitron manufactures panel mount and board mount piezo buzzer ,  piezo electric speakers and sirens in Belgium.

Synergy Microwave is a leading manufacturer of low phase noise VCO with wide band width. They also offer complete PLL syntheziers, hybrid couplers, mixers and power dividers.