Electromagnetic radiation consists of oscillating electric charges that are moving with the speed of light in vacuum. Science divide the electromagnetic radiation depending on how much energy it contains, based on the wave´s wavelength. Light is the electromagnetic radiation that we can see. Radio waves and microwaves are other forms of electromagnetic radiation.


Electromagnetic Radiation Wavelenght in Meter
Radio waves 103
Mikrowaves 10-2
Infrared light 10-5
Visible light 0,5 x 10-6
X-Ray 10x10-10

Within the industry of electronics, radio frequencies and microwaves are sometime confused. It happens that mobile phone frequencies such as 1.8 GHz are called microwaves, while frequencies in wireless computer networks of 2.4 GHz can be called a radio frequency.
Processing of radio wave signals and microwave signals often include amplification, filtering, generating of frequencies and modulation of frequencies. In electronical hardware made for this kind of signal processing, we find specialized components that cannot be find in circuits with low frequencies, such as blenders, dampers, hybrid couplers, filters and detectors. Some examples of applications are amplifiers in the telecom industry, radars, EMC tests, lab environments and MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging). Comptronic offers both circuit board-mounted components, components matched with coaxial connectors, stand-alone amplifiers and systems for rack mounting. We also deliver antennas and customized cabling that enables transferring of signals at high frequencies.

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