We have an extensive product portofolio of RF-components, microwave components and millimeterwave components, complete products such as amplifiers and PCB mountable components.

RF/Microwave/Millimeterwave - amplifiers, coax, waveguides

B&Z Technologies 5 kHz to 60 GHz

Low noise amplifiers (LNA), power amplifiers.

QuinStar Technology, 18 till 140 GHz
Components for sub-systems in communication, research, defence and ,test-lab

Amplifiers from 250 kHz to 47 GHz, power levels from 1W up to 10kW for CW &Puls
RF/Microwave filters in different technologies, crystal, LC, ceramic, tunable, cavity and diplexers up to 90 GHz.

A.R.A.    (Antenna Research)
Antennas for most types of applications.


Charter Engineering
RF- and microwave switches with coaxial connections. Switches with ultra low intermodulation (for instance PIM -160 dBc min.) and high power switches (for instance 2kW at 500 MHz).

MCV Microwave
Dual antennas GPS patch, wide band patch, hybrid antennas up to 6 LTE band- 
RF microwave filters (low PIM) and resonators

MESA Microwave
Attenuators, terminations, couplers, circulators isolators, mixers, power deviders, switches, horn antennas, coax/WG adapters

Somefly Technologies
Connectors, cables, adapters,  Low PIM

SSI Cable Corp. up to 50 GHz
Connectors, adapters and cables; flexible and semi-rigid 

MI Cable
Hi-Rel test cables, VNA26 for dc-26.5 GHz (network analyzer), precision adapter 2.92 and 3.5 connectors

WT Microwave, 10 kHz upp till 50 GHz
LP Filter, HP Filter, BP Filter, Bandstopp Filter, Diplexers, Duplexers, Power deviders, couplers, hybrid couplers, attenuators, terminations, switch filter modules, equalizers, PIN Switch, Low Noise Amplifiers

TAP Microwave
Filters, Couplers, Power deviders, Diplexers

STAR Microwave
Circulators and isolators for high power with low loss. IMD versions and wide band models

NOVA Microwave 
Circulators and isolators

RF/Mikrovåg/FCP - kortmonterat

Synergy Microwave
VCO, synthesizers, attenuators, switches, couplers, DC-Block, filters, frequency doublers, hybrids, mixers, modulators, monolitic amplifiers, phase shifters, phase detectors, power deviders, transformers, test fixtures

Gain blocks, local drive amps, IF ICs, power amplifiers, discrete devices, switches, mixers, LNAs and other RF integrated circuits

Mtron PTI
Oscillators (TCXO/VCXO/OCXO) and crystals